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Robert Armstrong, CFP®
Senior Vice President – Investments

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As an advisor, I’m really in the relationship business.  I believe my clients appreciate my ongoing commitment to be a great listener and my ability to create strategies that specifically address their detailed concerns.

Earlier in my career I developed a depth of knowledge about tax liability and planning issues as a Tax Manager of a Fortune 500 company, where I saved the business more than $250 million dollars in taxes.  I feel this experience is invaluable to my clients today, because I bring a wealth of knowledge about both the asset and liability sides of the balance sheet – as well as the cash flows that connect them.  This perspective directly affects the recommendations I make.

I have spent the past ten years guiding clients through the intricate process of orchestrating their financial instruments to play their sheet music in greater harmony.  I joined Wells Fargo Advisors in 2009 as Vice President - Investments and was promoted in 2011 to First Vice President - Investments.  In March of 2012 I was honored to accept the position of Senior Vice President – Investments.  My philosophy is simple: I want to understand what you want out of life so we can plan your money around it.  There are many creative ways to support the lifestyle you desire; it’s a matter of taking the time to listen and do the strategic work … and having your mind open to new possibilities.

I enjoy guiding clients through the process of building a better financial future.  It brings me great pleasure to genuinely make a difference in their lives.

Wells Fargo Advisors is not a legal or tax advisor.

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Education & Credentials
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration – Accounting Major
University of Louisville

Master of Business Administration
Indiana University


2012 Premier Advisor
2013 Premier Advisor
2014 Premier Advisor
2015 Premier Advisor
2016 Premier Advisor
2017 Premier Advisor
Top 10% of the Advisors within Wells Fargo

The Premier Advisors designation is held by a select group of Financial Advisors within Wells Fargo Advisors and reflects a high level of professional achievements based on many factors including production.